Bluefield's Effective Maintenance Supervision: Self-Assessment

This learning instrument (as illustrated), when used with the self-assessment and results from the survey will provide participants with an opportunity for assessing and reflecting on current capabilities and desire for developing future leadership skills.


For each of the 6 questions listed, rate yourself/the participant on the scale shown below, with 6 being a 'Recognised Professional' and 1 being having 'Awareness', by indicating the number that you feel most closely represents your/the participants current capabilities in the task.

  • Recognised professional - 6
  • Highly experienced - 5
  • Effectively practices - 4
  • Basic application - 3
  • In coaching - 2
  • Awareness - 1


The total rating for the 6 questions together will create the final score. The maximum rating is 36 while the minimum rating is 6.

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